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Our Inspiration

During the 8 1/2 months that Xander was battling cancer, the hardest thing for his family was watching him suffer day after day and having no way to relieve his pain. So, they created a fun calendar for him so he could see the things that he had to look forward to. Xander would go to the fun calendar every day to see what his mom and dad had planned for him. The anticipation of doing something fun helped to lift his spirits.


They took a trip to the beach, spent a weekend at Yogi Bear’s campsite and after chemo and radiation if he felt up to it, they would take him to Chuck E. Cheese or to Sky Zone. On the weekends if he was feeling well, his dad would take him to Carowinds. They  had friends over to visit, played special family games and would have people drop off little gifts to bring him happiness. They did anything they could to relieve his suffering and make him feel like a normal kid whose only job was to play and have fun.  Their experience of watching Xander suffer through all of the horrors that go with having cancer, and seeing all the ways they could bring him relief and happiness, brought them to the creation of  Xander‘s Acts of Kindness Foundation.


The Kuchinski's hope is to bring children going through the cancer journey, joy, fun, excitement and happiness. They want children to feel that even though they are going through all of the horrors that come with having cancer, they can still feel joy and just be a kid.


A Day of Joy

Even though Xander was sick, we still took him to Jellystone Park, we still went to the beach," said Denise Kuchinski. "I'm so glad now that we did that because I know that his last eight months weren't all suffering. There was a lot of joy."

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